Welcome to all - both visitor and member alike!  May our ever-giving and gracious God fill your heart with joy, peace and hope through the message of forgiveness in our living Savior, Jesus Christ!


Upcoming Events:


Bible-based guidance

Risen Savior's pastor speaks on the level of the listeners, using contemporary anecdotes and intriguing illustrations to give messages of God's love and guidance. Our message communicates God's Word in a way that 21st century people appreciate and understand.



Christ-centered worship

The relevance of our Bible-based messages will guide you with new insight for the week ahead. The mercy of God through Jesus Christ and the meaning of faith make worship at Risen Savior a reverent and relevant experience.



Life-related Bible learning

We offer opportunities to grow in an under-standing of God's Word.  We cater to a variety of knowledge and interest levels, and make the study of God's Word a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Risen Savior is part of a group of more than 1200 churches called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or WELS with congregations in all fifty states, as well as Canada and Mexico. The WELS also serves over 26 other countries through world mission work. To learn what we believe please arrange a visit with our pastor or view our brief statement of belief.