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Discipleship Workshop

Pastor David Scharf will be our guest presenter for the 2014 Discipleship Workshop. The theme will be on "Strategic Planning." He will lead congregations through an evaluation of our short range and long ranger planning. Some of it will come down to practical matters like running our meetings and making them more productive. You can also expect some brotherly encouragement for devotional lives and ongoing training.

The presentation will cover all the aspects of strategic planning for a congregation. Those aspects include: Mission statement, Vision statement, Core values, Plumb line statement, Ministry Plan, Action Plan, Budgeting process, Long Range Plan, Ongoing action plan compliance/assessment, Annual ministry assessment, Annual staff assessment. 

Those who are involved in congregational planning or equipping the equippers of the congregation will find this most beneficial. The workshop is at California Lutheran High School in Wildomar and will begin at 8:30am.