Last Judgment

Get Ready for the End

On the First Sunday in Advent, we begin a journey not simply to the manger but the familiar journey that takes us to the manger, the cross, and the empty tomb. It is not merely a remembrance of what took place so long ago but also preparation for what is to come—our Lord's return in glory to lay claim to his Church for all eternity. Encouraged by the Spirit, we devote ourselves to faithfully keeping what God has made known to us and showing forth our living faith in words and acts of repentance and holy living. But each Advent is a reminder that we are one step further from Bethlehem and one year closer to our Lord's coming again.

During this service, we also celebrated the baptism of Jaxon Paterson, which you will hear referenced in this podcast. 

Lord Keep Us Watchful for Our Triumph

Today the Church hears strains of the distant triumph song and affirms, “Blessed are they who are called to the marriage feast of the Lamb.” Jesus wants us to be the waiting Church—the Church that watches for her Savior and cries, “Come, Lord Jesus!” As we journey through these last days, however, our vigilance slips, and our hearts grow drowsy because the bridegroom seems to be taking so long. So while we wait, the Church prays, “Keep us ever watchful for the coming of your Son that we may sit with him and all your holy ones at the marriage feast in heaven.”

Lord Keep Us Mindful of the Judgment

Today we talk about Judgment day. The attitude of the unbeliever to any talk of judgment by God can only be denial or terror. But the attitude of the child of God is formed by the Word of God, which has created their faith during their life on earth. The Word of God helps us to look forward to the day on which we pass into the courtroom of God to hear the “Not guilty!” verdict which brought us to faith in the frst place. There is no better preparation for death and judgment than a firm clinging to that gracious verdict. There is no better life than the one that has that verdict as its center and the motivation for everything in it.